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Take It Back (single)

The New single off of DIVE. Download it for FREE here:

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You can now PREORDER your physical copy of DIVE (limited run of 300) on out bandcamp!


-The Rochambros.


-Show postings

-Tour info.

Our firends Bad Sounds asked us to play a show with them at the Cake Shop last Friday - it was really good. They’re good guys, check ‘em out:

We lost a song and added another. 10 tracks, the first song will have a new video.

Thanks friends, it’s been a good, productive and fun break.

We like spooky things. Like houses. spooky, spooky houses. 

We like weird things. like korea. weird, weird korea.

The Weird Korea/Spook Houses split tape will make you yellanddanceandjumpandscreamandmissyourhomeandlaughandcurseandfightandpukeandcallyouroldfriendsandcallyouroldparentsandsingandfalldown 

just like any good music should.